AKADEMI HUBBUL QURAAN is providing  online courses to help students to read  al- Quran. We will be  using  Mushaf Resam Osmani which has a QR code on each page.  This free weekly courses will be taught by experienced lecturers.

This idea came about during the Covid-19 epidemic whereby people across the world used QR codes in their daily lives for touchless solutions. This inspired us to help students use the same method to enable them to be proficient in reading al-Quran and understand its meaning. Let us start!


It is the first Mushaf  Resam Osmani in the world that has a QR code on each page with such features. Among its features are:

1) Translation  in Malay and English will be shown upon scanning the  QR code! As an example, let see what happen if you open page 468 of your mushaf and scan the QR code at the left side of the page.

By scanning the QR code, you will find that similar verse will also appear on your handphone screen. Touch this screen to know the corresponding translation  in Malay and English.

Upon touching your handphone screen, you will find its translation:

2)Word by word  translation. As an example, by touching the word العزيز  at your screen, the following translation will be shown:

3) How to recite the verse.

The recitation of the verse will be provided by qari   Mishari bin Rashed Alafasy (Qari Mishari bin Rashed Alafasy was born in Kuwait and graduated from the Islamic University of Madinah. Now, he is an imam at Al-Kabir Mosque, Kuwait).   Touch the below triangle to hear the recitation.

4) Marking  on each verse which has specific recitation

There are verses which must be read with specific recitations. All have been marked (in light blue color) printed in  al-Quran and their recitations are also available accordingly. Above from page 468 is an example for a specific recitation.

5) Weekly online courses by AKADEMI HUBBUL QURAAN

There will be  weekly online courses to read and understand al-Quran. It will be delivered by experienced lecturers and its details will be announced from time to time.

6) It is a personalized!

This mushaf has a QR code on its front page. It contains an information and a picture of the owner. For an example, if you want to make this mushaf as a present to your friend, you may update this information to the admin via email at

7) A  book marker and box casing  are provided to make it more presentable

8) This mushaf has been approved by Kementerian Dalam Negeri, Malaysia (KDN)

9) Learning IQRA’

For those who are new to learning the Quran, you can use free software to train yourselves familiarizing Arabic  pronunciations with the support of the software. You will need to use your handphone to continue with this training.