learning al-Quraan with the presence of murabbi

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HUBBUL QURAAN means “Love al-Quraan”. It is a tagline to encourage people love Al-Quraan. It is a continuation of conventional learning concept in modern world with the assistance of QR codes printed on every page of al-Quraan.

Learn Arabic characters and the pronunciation with the support of murabbi and software available in your mobile phones. The software will be installed by the user separately, using his mobile phone.

Tahriri – writing the verses of al-Quraan to assist students to memorize al-Quraan. Each student in Hubbulquraan will learn how to write al-Quraan in the most advanced way. This is done in order to assist the student to memorize al-Quraan easier. Of course, a teacher called murabbi, will assist the student. Appointed murabbi is announced in a register published by our website.

Use of QR code shown on every page of Al-Quraan. This will assist students to know correct recitation with its translation. At the time when this article is written, translation is available in three languages – English, Malay and Indonesian.

Online courses are available throughout the world. Recorded courses are also available.